Customizing - Configure Chart

Configure the ModelType / Graphics

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=== Configure the ModelType / Graphics ===
== Important Info==
This page is for customizing purposes only.

<b>Do not edit unless you know what you are doing.</b>

See [[Customizing:Configure_Chart_Documentation]] for Details on how to configure and edit.

== Configuration ==
***PageType Shape Color_of_Shape [Color_of_Font Defaults to Black]
***PageType Shape Color_of_Shape Color_of_Font

***Rect_Blue   box            blue
***Rect_Yellow rect           yellow
***Rect_Red    rect           firebrick2
***Rect_Green  rect           forestgreen
***Elli_Blue   ellipse        blue
***Install diamond blue solid use_FlowchartWiki
***Hosting normal green solid Hosting

***Rect_Red    polygon        cyan3

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== Configuration ==
***Category   box            red
***Event      hexagon        azure3
***Decision   diamond        azure3
***Function   parallelogram  azure3
***DataSource rect           khaki1
***Person     box            chartreuse1
***Department ellipse        chartreuse1
***Product    rect           yellow
***No diamond blue solid No
***Yes normal green solid Yes

Actual Page Source of “Customizing:Configure_ShapeTest”

== Configuration ==
***Box         box            blue
***Polygon     polygon        blue
***Ellipse     ellipse        blue
***Circle      circle         blue
***Point       point          blue
***Egg         egg            blue
***Triangle    triangle       blue
***Plaintext   plaintext      blue
***Diamond     diamond        blue
***Trapezium   trapezium      blue
***Parallelogram parallelogram blue
***House         house         blue
***Pentagon      pentagon      blue
***Hexagon       hexagon       blue
***Septagon      septagon      blue
***Octagon       octagon       blue
***Doublecircle  doublecircle  blue
***Doubleoctagon doubleoctagon blue
***Tripleoctagon tripleoctagon blue
***Invtriangle   invtriangle   blue
***Invtrapezium  invtrapezium  blue
***Invhouse      invhouse      blue
***Mdiamond      mdiamond      blue
***Msquare       msquare       blue
***Mcircle       mcircle       blue
***Rect          rect          blue
***Rectangle     rectangle     blue
***None          none          blue
***Note          note          blue
***Tab           tab           blue
***Folder        folder        blue
***Box3d         box3d         blue
***Component     component     blue